Miss Tomsheck

Miss Tomsheck started working at Sunburst Schools in August of 2013.

1. What is your current role(s) at Sunburst Schools?
I currently teach 1st grade at Sunburst Elementary.

2. What previous teaching, coaching, or other extracurricular activities have you
been involved with, if any, at previous schools and how many years of
experience do you have?
I coached JH Wildcat Volleyball for a few years. Before coming to Sunburst I taught a K-1 combination classroom for 4 years in Zurich, MT.

3. Give us a brief history to include where you are from, where you were born,
where you graduated from high school, and where graduated from college?
I was born and raised in Toole County, went to school and graduated from NTCHS in 2004. I graduated from Carroll College with a BA in Elementary Education and an AA in Creative Writing.

4. Tell us about your family, spouse, or significant other.
My parents ranch east of Sunburst, where I spend most weekends and summers. I have 2 nephews and a niece in Great Falls, whom I love to hang out with, and 1 nephew in Glendive.

5. Do you have any pets?
I have an older cat, Gracie, and two younger cats, Sassafras and Frankincense (Franky)
and many other animal buddies at the ranch.

6. What are some of your hobbies and interests?

I love teaching 1 st grade, ranching, animals and reading.

7.  Are there any other interesting tidbits you want to share about yourself?
Lady Liberty was 100 years old during my birthyear—so I will always know how old she is when 1st graders ask!