New cruiser

Sunburst School District owns all of their own buses and operates four routes each day before and after school.  In addition to the four route buses and one additional bus for spare and 2 activity buses for field and sports trips. The district strives to keep the fleet as new as we can which requires replacement of about one bus every year funded through the bus depreciation fund.  In addition to the buses, the district has a large 12 passenger van and 2 smaller seven passenger vans. 


2021-2022 Routes & Drivers

Kevin Route--Mike Tobin in Bus 7--76 miles/day

Oilmont Route--Lynn Kimmet in Bus 5--164 miles/day

Nine-Mile Route--Adele Benjamin in Bus 3--100 miles/day

Sweetgrass Route--Justyna May in Bus 2--52 miles/day


The District Transportation Director is Christopher Blair who can be reached at the bus barn at 937-2321. or by email