Mr. Nix

Mr. Nix has has been a teacher at Sunburst Schools since August of 2015.

1.  What is your current role(s) at Sunburst Schools? 

            Currently I am the high school Athletic Director, Business teacher, Traffic Ed instructor, Yearbook advisor and Cross Country coach.

2.  What previous teaching, coaching, or other extracurricular activities have you been involved with, if any, at previous schools and how many years of experience do you have?  

 I have nine years of teaching experience (as a yearbook advisor I use yearbooks to help me keep count).  I previously taught at Turner High School teaching business classes, yearbook, coaching girls’ basketball and track.  Then I met Miss Becker and she moved me to Sunburst.

3.  Give us a brief history to include where you are from, where you were born, where you graduated from high school, and where graduated from college?

I was born in Denver, Colorado and grew up in Littleton where I graduated from Sheridan High School.  I played baseball for two more years well attending Arapahoe Community College in Littleton, CO.  Then I went on to complete my bachelors in accounting at Lee University in Cleveland, TN.  After 10 years working as a staff accountant, auditor and part time baseball scout I went back and completed my Masters in the Art of Teaching at Lee University well student teaching at Walker Valley HS and Cleveland MS in Tennessee.

4.  Tell us about your family, spouse, or significant other.

           I am married to Mrs. Amanda Nix and we have two delights, Steven and Skylar.

6.  What are some of your hobbies and interests?

           I enjoy traveling to historical places, top food places, hiking, fly fishing and spending time in the mountains with family.  As an accountant, I love to count my travels (Yes, I was the sesame street's "The Count" for one Halloween).  I  have been to all 30 major league baseball stadiums, 112 minor league/college ballparks, 12 football stadiums, 29 American President gravesites, 24 Revolutionary & Civil War battlefields and 129 national parks & historical sites.

7.  Are there any other interesting tidbits you want to share about yourself?

Well I enjoy visiting famous places, the best traveling experiences come when you visit with family and friends.  I was blessed to spend a month in Ukraine as part of Lee University’s cross cultural experience, with the current war conditions in Ukraine it makes it more personal and appreciative of my family, friends, the volunteers and workers we have in our Sunburst community.