Mr. Fleisher

Mr. Fleisher has worked at Sunburst Schools since November of 2016.

1.  What is your current role(s) at Sunburst Schools? 

I am in my seventh year as a paraprofessional, bus driver (when needed), assistant golf coach, and help with serving breakfast at the high school.

2.  What previous teaching, coaching, or other extracurricular activities have you been involved with, if any, at previous schools and how many years of experience do you have? 

I taught one year of 5th grade at Burlington, North Dakota.  I coached 4 years of junior high girls basketball in Sunburst.. This spring will be my third year with the golf program.

3.  Give us a brief history to include where you are from, where you were born, where you graduated from high school, and where graduated from college? 

I was born in North Dakota and graduated in 1974 from a small school in northeastern N.D.  I received a teaching degree from Mayville State College in North Dakota.

4.  Tell us about your family, spouse, or significant other. 

I have been married to Leisha for 31 years. We have two children, Todd and Nicole. It has been enjoyable watching our three grandsons growing up- Ruger, Nash, and Lee.

5.  Do you have any pets? 

We have a 12 year old cat named Gremlin.

6.  What are some of your hobbies and interests? 

I enjoy golf and played more than 50 days last summer. I have been a high school basketball official for 12 years.  I have also officiated grade school games for many years.

7.  Are there any other interesting tidbits you want to share about yourself? 

I have enjoyed getting to know the students in our school.  I'm very impressed with how good the teachers and entire staffs are in both buildings.