Mr. Bucklin

1. What is your current role(s) at Sunburst Schools?   

  I am currently the Sunburst District Superintendent and 7-12 Grade Principal.

2.  What previous teaching, coaching, or other extracurricular activities have you been involved with, if any, at previous schools and how many years of experience do you have?

I began my teaching career at the Miller Hutterite Colony where I taught 1st through 4th Grade for 4 years.  I then taught 4-8th Grade Math in Valier for 2 years, and then 6-8th Grade Math in Conrad for 10 years. I was hired in Sunburst 6 years ago.  I have coached Girls High School Basketball for 13 years, Boys High School Basketball for 2 years, Legion Baseball for 12 years, and Junior High Basketball and track for 5 years.

3.  Give us a brief history to include where you are from, where you were born, where you graduated from high school, and where graduated from college?

I was born and raised on a ranch in Outlook, Montana.  I graduated from Outlook and then went to college at the University of Montana. I participated in track at the UM for 3 years before I transferred to University of Nevada, Las Vegas where I graduated in elementary education.  

4.  Tell us about your family, spouse, or significant other.

I have been married to my wife, Vanessa, for 22 years.  We have 3 children: Claire 11th Grade, Nick 7th Grade, and Colette 5th Grade.

5.  Do you have any pets?

We have a Boston Terrier - Independence

6.  What are some of your hobbies and interests?

I enjoy being in the mountains hiking, hunting, and fishing.  I also enjoy participating in ultra endurance running events.