We made it through the first day of school!   The students have grown and changed so much in just three short months!  
    Looking ahead, some assignments we will be doing include writing about things we would NEVER do.   One Mrs. C would never do is rob a bank!  As parents, can you think of 25 things you would never do?  Write some down and send with your child!  We would love to hear from you and about you!  
    We are also learning about informational media in 6th Literature.  Next week 6th grade will be filling our food pyramids and try to eat from all the food groups.   
    English skills will begin with writing complete sentences, using correct end marks, and being able to know how a sentence differs from a fragment.  
    In reading, your child needs to find an interesting AR book and start reading.  Points will be established for the quarter and these points are needed for their final reading grade.  Most students can reach his/her goal since they are given 15 min. a day for free reading.  We will also be reading novels together for them to test on for AR ( accelerated reading program) points.  You as parents can read with your child as well.  They love to be read to!  
    As the year progresses, more assignments will be posted.  Likewise, your child should be bringing an assignment sheet home each day.  It contains homework for which they are responsible.  Watch for the bright green sheets!  
    Mrs. C.