• School supplies for 2012-2013
    Dear Students/Parents,
       A class letter should be arriving just prior to school in Aug.  If you want to get a head start on on it, I've list the major items below:
    Thumb drive- mandatory.  An incomplete grade will be given until you bring one.  The school sells them for $10.
    Six notebooks-  (Three for Mrs. Pace's classes/ Three for Mrs. Christiaens
    Pens/pencils/ highlighters
    Box of tissues
    Clorox wipes for desks and your computer keyboards
    Three ring binder for writing papers.  (Smaller size rings will work fine.)
    PLEASE no trapper keepers.  We just don't have room for them with a large class.
    If you have questions or concerns before the school year, please contact me by email: kars@northerntel.net
    Have a fun summer.  See you in Aug.
    Mrs. Christiaens