Graduation Requirements for NTCH

25 Credits are needed to graduate from NTCH

  • Students must earn 60% or better in any class to receive credit from that class.  Regular attendance is vital to success.

    Minimum 25 Requirements are:

    4 Credits of English

    3 Credits of Math

    2 Credits of Science

    3 Credits of Social Studies

    2 Credits of Physical/Health Education

    1 Credit of Career Technical  Education

    .5 Credits of Computer Science

    1 Credit of Fine Art

    8.5 Credits of any additional classes 

    Students are required to take 6 classes, however, 7 classes are recommended.  Applying for and getting a teacher aide position does not count as a class.  Students are allowed one(1) study hall per semester. 

    Students may also apply for work release and earn credits that way.